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The Stinger X-Calibur Ringette stick is 55 inches long and offers a composite shaft that allows for flex and control. It is extremely durable and light but can take the force of rugged play. It is equipped with a ribbed plastic/nylon tip for increased ring handling.

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Product Description

Designed by Canadian engineers with over 20 years of ringette experience, the new Stinger X-Calibur is designed to cater to all positions. It features a curved groove on the face of the tip to seamlessly catch the curved shape of the ring. The plastic tip is secured into the shaft by a special epoxy glue to ensure it never falls out—giving you superior control, stability and maximizing your connection with the ring even in high pressure situations.

The X-Calibur shaft is manufactured from leading composite technology. It has a hollow interior to reduce the weight on your hands and offers more power from the added flex. When designing the shaft, we took into account the average female hand size to ensure softer handle, optimum grip and control. The X-Calibur is 28mm in diameter, weighs 380 grams.

With the added technology and sound engineering we put into the X-Calibur, offensive and defensive players alike will be impressed with its lightweight, added speed, whip and uncompromising accuracy.  Stinger Sports—your edge over the competition.


  • 55” long
  • Composite shaft that allows flex.
  • Extremely durable and light
  • Specially designed shaft can take the force of rugged play


  • Ribbed plastic/nylon blend tip, for increased durability and performance. Ribs help lift the ring.


  • Available in red, orange, blue and black.

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Stick Colours

Black, Blue, Orange, Red


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